Attestation and Equivalency Services

As a value added service to the candidates / students, the university offers Apostille and Attestation Service's at an affordable pricing.

What is Apostille?

An Apostille is a form of authentication issued for documents that will be used in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961. Apostilles are only used to authenticate documents that will be used in another country. An Apostille may take the form of a stamp upon a document or it may be attached to the document as an allonge (a French word describing an attachment to a legal document). If an allonge is used, it is important that it NEVER be detached from the original document, to which it may be stapled, glued, or otherwise firmly attached.

An Apostille is a kind of attestation in which certificates are legalized in an appropriate form that is admissible in all countries that relate to the Hague Convention. Basically, Apostille is a global attestation that is admissible in nearly 92 nations, and most of the western world acknowledges Apostille.

Apostille stamp is a computer generated sticker stamp in a square shaped, fixed on the opposite of the certificate by the MEA, Government of India. It has a different ID number, by which any associate nation of The Hague convention can verify its legitimacy online.

For the list of countries that require documents to be apostilled, please refer to the following link:

What is attestation?

The attestation is the method of checking the authenticity of a document & declaring its authenticity by attaching it with the sign of the verifying personnel. The process requires the submission of original documents as well as a xerox of the same to authorized employees for verifying and required sign/stamp on guided area.


If you want to travel to another country you will need to apply for a visa and as a matter of fact, the visa will be issued only when officials have verified your documents thus this make attestation of required documents necessary. Similarly, if you are looking for a family visa then attestation of the marriage certificate attestation is mandatory.