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Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management (ADHRM)

Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management (ADHRM)

Our stringent procedure involves a thorough review of the course content, delivery systems, and quality assurance arrangements. The course is then benchmarked against the FHEQ, the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications in the UK, and EQF the European Qualifications Framework. Courses are assigned a benchmarked level and credit value,where applicable, to provide students with information about the level of difficulty and size of their course of study.

Through GAQM Diplomas, students and employees can gain formal recognition of the new skills, knowledge and competence they have gained.

Benefits to the Candidates:

  • Independent audit and external quality assurance
  • Professional Certification from GAQM

About GAQM Recognition:

GAQM provides an endorsement for many specialised and independent courses, and provides external recognition and certification of students' achievements.

Validation recognises the specialised courses developed by centres in order to meet the specific needs of students, employers and educators. This is also useful for companies who choose to develop their own specialised training programmes, which meet the needs of their business and provide the targeted industry skills needed for employee progression.

Diploma Overview

Overview of Diploma in brief

The human resource issues facing today’s business owners and managers. You do not always have the expertise to deal with the many employee relationship issues you face, and yet you will be expected to make decisions that are both effective and legal. This Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management will walk you through the hiring process, from performing a skills inventory to conducting the interview; discuss orientation; and cover some issues that arise after the hiring process (such as diversity issues, compensation, and discipline).


What Modules are covered in this E-Course?

  • Module 1 - HR Training for the Non HR Managers (12 Credits)
  • Module 2 - Employee Dispute Resolution (8 Credits)
  • Module 3 - Talent Management (11 Credits)
  • Module 4 - Conducting Effective Performance Reviews (7 Credits)
  • Module 5 - Conflict Resolution (8 Credits)
  • Module 6 - Anger Management (9 Credits)
  • Module 7 - Manifestation of Culture (4 Credits)
  • Module 8 - Cultural Competencies (4 Credits)
  • Module 9 - Cross Culture Communication (4 Credits)
  • Module 10 - Cross Culture Negotiation Strategies (4 Credits)
  • Module 11 - Culture Adjustments (4 Credits)

Total Credits : 75

Certification Validity

The Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management (ADHRM) is valid for life.

Who will be awarding the qualification?

The Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management (ADHRM) is certificated by GAQM (The Hard Copy Certificate is printed on secure certificate paper).

What is the level of this qualification?

Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management (ADHRM) has been benchmarked using Qualification and Credit Framework level descriptors at Level 7 with 75 Credits (equivalent to One Year Master's Degree)

Duration of E-Learning

75 Hours

Mode of Learning

E-Course - Self Paced

Pre-requisite for Diploma

Diplomas offered by the GAQM have a mandatory course completion requirement; once you are done with the E-Course you can take your online proctored exam via ProctorU.

Exam Information

Exams are online and proctored based, using a webcam and a reliable internet connection exams can be taken anywhere and anytime.

  • The exam comprises of 100 questions out of which the candidate needs to score 75% (75 out of 100 correct) to pass.

  • The total duration of the exam is 1 hour 30 minutes (90 Minutes).

No external sources of information may be accessed during the exam held via ProctorU. Further details of the materials permitted are provided:

  • Identification Proof

  • If a Candidate does not pass the exam in the second (2nd) attempt, the candidate must wait for a period of at least fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of their attempt to retake the exam for third (3rd) time or any subsequent time.
  • The exam can be taken any number of times.

  • You will get credits only if you pass the exam.

  • The Premium Package contains an E-Course valid for 40 days and E-Voucher(s) which will be valid via ProctorU and a Hard Copy Certificate will be shipped to your mailing address if you achieve the qualifying score in the exam.
  • Candidates who are holding the Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM)® Certification can apply for the Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management (ADHRM) by paying a fee of 150 USD.
  • For more information on payment of fees, email us at

It usually takes eight (8) weeks for the hard copy to be delivered to the postal address.

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Registration Process for E-Course and Exam

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