GAQM Disclosure

The GAQM® Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM)® reserves the right to certify individuals based on the examinations conducted. This also includes rejecting or revoking the credential from any individual or groups of individuals who engage in illegal or unethical behaviors, promote such behaviors, or engage in activities that harm the reputation of the GAQM®, or the employees or officers thereof.

Certifications and related exams offered by the GAQM® are not accredited by any of the boards, bodies or any specific vendor until mentioned by the GAQM®, exams are conducted solely by the GAQM®, the candidates are certified via an online or a paper based exam conducted at an Authorised Testing Center (ATC) or via online proctoring. The certifications/credentials offered by the GAQM® are the Intellectual Properties of the GAQM® registered and protected by the Government Agencies.

Certified status is an indicator that an individual has completed a combination of defined education, experience, or examination requirements. However, certification is not a guarantee or assurance of the competence or ability of any particular individual. Further, given the rapid changes in the field.

GAQM® does not divulge any private information to anyone nor does GAQM® hold payment information given by any subscribing member for the exam participant or current Certified holders.

And our policies go one step further, prohibiting all conduct throughout GAQM® whether illegal or not-that could lead to or contribute to discrimination.

By living the GAQM® Credo we "treat all our members with respect and dignity"-thereby ensuring we have an Association that's free from harassment and discrimination of all kinds.