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GAQM delivers world-class accreditation & exam management services, and drives high growth for the global certification market. In addition, GAQM has a wide range of Certifications and highly designed E-Courses to ensure candidate prepares for his/her examination.

The Accrediation Process

GAQM's accreditation process is straight forward and fast. During the accreditation process, you'll receive support in your own language and, to keep things simple, you'll only have one point of contact. When you've been accredited, you'r organization details will be mentioned in our Partner Portal.

To be able to offer GAQM exams, training or courseware, partners must be accredited. The process involves submitting information and undergoing an online assessment from one of our Auditor's. To make the process as smooth as possible, read more about the different steps.

Accreditation Steps

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