About AIT University


The title of degrees issued by AITU incorporates a religious modifier that quickly continues, “as if it were incorporated inside any of the accompanying degrees to consent to the Florida Department of Education, Commission for Independent Education Section 1006.06 ((1) (F): For instance, Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Education.

AITU offers only educational programs that prepare students for religious vocations as ministers, professionals, or laypersons in the categories of ministry, counseling, theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, media communications, or social work.

Government Approval

American International Theism University, AITU is approved by the State of Florida, Department of Education Commission on Independent Education, Section 1005.06(1)(f), to grant Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees


“American International Theism University” is fully accredited Institution by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). https://www.asicuk.com

ASIC is recognized by UKVI in UK, is a member of the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in USA and is listed in their International Directory, is a member of the BQF (British Quality Foundation), are affiliates of ENQA (European Network for Quality Assurance) and are institutional members of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network).”

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