Why Accredited University

Accreditation is not only important for the quality and reputation of online colleges, but receiving a degree from an unaccredited college could affect the transfer of your credits to other schools and whether employers recognize your degree or certificate.

In many other parts of the world, institutions of higher education are authorized to operate by the government. In this sense the government serves as an accreditation body, authorizing only institutions that meets sustain educational standards.

Accreditation helps employers, prospective students and the general public in identifying quality educational institutions. Few students or companies have the resources or time to investigate the more than 6,000 educational institutions operating in the USA. Accreditation does the work of consumer protection and quality identification without government funding.

Accreditation is important for many reasons, and the most important are: protecting the public from fraudulent diploma mills, helping students select institutions and programs that meet standards of academic quality and ensuring that American colleges, universities and schools remain among the finest in the world.

ABSCP & ACE therefore fully recognises the pressing need for a robust and transparent approach to ensuring that colleges, universities and institutes to the best of their ability, only recruit genuine and appropriately qualified students and that they provide the best possible student experience in terms of the students achieving their maximum academic potential whilst having their social and pastoral needs fully addressed.

GAQM® is an Authorized International Students’ Recruitment Center for Charisma University.

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