Digital Badges

At GAQM we want to recognise and celebrate your learning achievements and Certifications. That’s why we have partnered with OpenBadges platform to offer you digital badges.

Digital Badges

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge (also known as open badge or ebadge) is a validated measure of skill, quality or accomplishment that can be earned and shown on various digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or a website. A digital badge contains data detailing what it has been awarded for such as the badge name, issue date, badge criteria, badge URL issuer and recipient.

Share your achievements with your network

Let others in your network know about your skills and expertise. You can share your achievements with peers and employers in one click. Research shows that professionals who share their digital credentials to professional networking sites are discovered by employers, on average, six times more often than those who do not.

How do digital badges work?

  • Badges are simple to use and share.
  • Complete the requirements to earn by passing the exam and you will recieve an email comprising of link to share your badge across all Social Platforms.
  • You can either download the badge directly or share the badge across any Social Media Platform like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or your personal website.

A Digital Badge:

  • Demonstrates that your knowledge is up to date and relevant.
  • Drive your career forward
  • Shows the world the knowledge and skills you have learnt and demonstrated to achieve your certificate.
  • Shows that your certificate is from a respected and credible source.
  • Allows you publicise your accomplishments on your website and networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and, or as part of your email signature.
  • Showcasing your free digital badges can help unlock career opportunities for you.
  • Sets out the knowledge and skills you have demonstrated in passing the qualification.
  • Is an efficient way of posting to your social media platforms - such as LinkedIn - for wider recognition.
  • Is available to download to use on your email signature or electronic versions of your CV.
  • Allows you to discover job market insights that relate to your skills and opportunities.