GAQM Body of Knowledge

About GAQMBok (Body of Knowledge)

The GAQMBok (Body of Knowledge) lists Topics for Continuing Education as they relate to required specifications for Curriculum Content for the GAQM Certifications. Familiarity with the Body of Knowledge is critical for those who are seeking Certification Exam from GAQM delivered via ProctorU, GAQM Learning Centers or GAQM Authorised Testing Centers. The main concept behind GAQMBok is to Educate, Empower and Prepare candidates for Certification Exams mainly via E-Learning and Knowledge Transfer offered via Instructor Led Sessions.

Our E-Learning certification programs are extremely attractive and alternative to classroom based training. Our E-learning programs empower Candidates/Participants to gain maximum knowledge to appear for their Certification Exam.

Our E-Courses are online courses that you can buy today, and start learning from straight away. All the support you need is built into the course, so there's no need for a tutor.

Our E-Courses are proven to meet the training goals of today's corporate environment, As an ASIC and BQF Member International Institute we ensure that the E-Courses and Certifications offered by GAQM is on a par with the global standards and will have increased acceptability around the world by other organizations and corporate sectors.

The Benefits of our E-Courses are:

You can start straight away

Our Online E-Courses are just a few clicks away

Flexibility, Accessibility, Convenience

Candidates/Participants can proceed through our E-Learning training program "at their own pace and at their own place." They can also access the e-Learning course at any time and only as much as they need. This is also known as "Just in time and just enough." The participants can also pick up where they left off, whenever it suits them.

Value for Money

The Candidates/Participants need not waste money on travel costs, or have to take a day off work to learn which eliminates the need for overtime payments, shift-coverage and costly facilities.

Student-centered teaching

Candidates/Participants have their own favorite way of learning. Some learn visually, others do better by 'doing'. With the variety of methods used in E-Courses, you'll find something that helps your learning to stick.


Our E-Courses are explained in much greater depth when compared with other.

Consistent, expert-level training material

All the participants/candidates who purchase our E-Courses receive dependably high-quality information.

Scorm Compliance and LMS

SCORM (or Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is the industry standard for content integration and web-based E-Learning. Because our E-Learning modules are SCORM-compliant it can be accessed via any latest browser. Our LMS delivers interactive online training designed and customized to fit candidate needs.


  • When you select the E-Course for the Certification (exam), you have two options to choose, the Standard Package or the Premium Package. If you select the Standard Package, the validity of the E-Course will be 20 days from the date of purchase and it will not include the E-Voucher for the exam. If you opt for the Premium Package, then the validity of the E-Course would be 40 days from the date of purchase. Moreover, the Premium Package will also contain an E-Voucher which will be valid via ProctorU and a Hard Copy Certificate will be shipped to your mailing address if you achieve the qualifying score in the exam.
  • Once the payment has been received, you'll be sent a login and password for the system, along with a link to all the modules of the course.