Certified Cloud Tester - Advanced Level (CCTAL)

Certification Overview

Certified Cloud Tester - Advanced Level (CCTAL)

Exam Code: CCTAL-001

Certified Cloud Tester - Advanced Level (CCTAL)™ Certification offers evidence that the certified person is a committed testing professional and has thorough understanding of key concepts & advanced best practices of cloud testing.

Cloud Testing is perfect for the Mobile economy. Twenty percent of all online commerce is mobile, and ten percent of all commerce is online. Taking into account that there was no such thing as mobile commerce 10 years ago, and no such thing as online commerce 10 years before that the growth of these markets is eye-popping. This generation has created an entirely new way of doing business and it is changing everything. The only method that puts an application through such a rigorous process, making it ready for the unexpected surprises that will come in traffic and usage is cloud testing.

Cloud testing increases efficiency by prioritizing devices. A centralized database gives the manager power to assign and reassign devices to the testers he chooses. At any moment one project can become top priority. It can be a popular application where a bug was just found. It can be a performance issue that just popped up. It can be a minor application that a competitor released and now you have to have your version deployed to the market within hours. Without any fighting, arguing, or exchanging of physical devices the manager can press a few buttons and projects with greater urgency are immediately provided with what they need.

Pre-requisites: Candidate must achieve the Certified Cloud Tester - Foundation Level (CCTFL)™ Certification.

E-Course Duration: 20 to 25 Hours

Exam Information

The Exam contains 50 Multiple Choice Questions and you must correctly answer 35 (35 out of 50 correct) to pass the exam.

Exams are online and proctored based, using a webcam and a reliable internet connection exams can be taken anywhere and anytime.

The total duration of the exam is 1 hour (60 Minutes).

No external sources of information may be accessed during the exam held via ProctorU. Further details of the materials permitted are provided:

  • Identification Proof
  • If a Candidate does not pass the exam in the first (1st) attempt, the candidate must wait for a period of at least seven (7) calendar days from the date of their attempt to retake the exam for second (2nd) time or any subsequent time.
  • The exam can be taken any number of times.

The Certified Cloud Tester - Advanced Level (CCTAL)™ Certificate is valid for life.

Certified Cloud Tester (CCT)™ is a Trademark of GAQM.


Note: The Certified Cloud Tester - Advanced Level (CCTAL)™ Certification has no pre-requisites (Completion of an E-Course is not mandatory from GAQMBok portal), but we highly recommend doing the E-Course as maximum number of questions are drawn from the E-Course in the actual exam.

Pre-requisites: Candidate must achieve the Certified Cloud Tester - Advanced Level (CCTAL) Certification.

Course Outline

Module 1 - Functional Testing of Cloud Applications

  • SaaS
  • Pros and Cons
  • Layers of Cloud Testing
  • Views of Testing
  • Identifying Functions to Test
  • How Functions are Implemented
  • Service Implementation
  • Prioritizing Functions
  • Testing Workflows
  • Taking the Organizational View vs. Product View
  • Methods
  • The Relationship Between Process and Data
  • Structured Testing
  • Physical Items
  • Physical Test Metrics
  • Functions
  • Metrics
  • Time Budgeter
  • METS iPhone App
  • Agile Testing
  • The Basis for Test Conditions
  • Business Process Testing
  • Classification Trees Using CTE-XL
  • Evaluating Tests
  • Characteristics of Good Incident Reports
  • Incident Reporting and Tracking - Things You Need to Know
  • Sample Incident Categories
  • Sample Incident Priorities
  • How Can This Data be Used?
  • Regression Testing

Module 2 - The Role of Test Automation

  • How Automation Can Help in Cloud Testing
  • The Risks
  • Which Functions and Tests Can be Automated?
  • Tool Options

Module 3 - Testing Cloud Security

  • How Important is Security?
  • Cloud Security Advantages
  • Security Relevant Cloud Components
  • Cloud Security Risks
  • Key Security Questions
  • The Nature of Security Tests
  • Compliance
  • What are Your Compliance Requirements?
  • Compliance Issues
  • Data Security Risks
  • Volume-based Encryption
  • Application Level Encryption
  • File-based Encryption
  • Policy and Key Management
  • The Role of SLAs
  • On-premises Key Management
  • Auditing
  • The Threat
  • The “Hardware Roof of Trust”
  • Governance
  • A Process for Cloud Security Testing
  • Putting it Together
  • Guidelines from NIST
  • The Cloud Security Alliance
  • Further Resources

Module 4 - Testing Cloud Performance

  • Examples of Cloud Applications and Performance Concerns
  • How We Got Here
  • The Performance Impact of Cloud Computing
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Performance Through the Cloud
  • Profiling Workload and Capacity Levels
  • Designing Performance Tests
  • Understanding Where the Traffic Goes
  • Performance Test Tools
  • How Cloud Performance Tools Work
  • How Cloud-based Performance Tools Work
  • Steps in Designing a Cloud Performance Test

Module 5 - Testing Cloud Reliability and Availability

  • What Customers Expect
  • The Role of Testing
  • The Role of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Key Point About SLAs
  • What This Means
  • How to Test and Monitor Reliability and Availability
  • How to Measure Reliability and Availability
  • You Must Decide What is Important
  • Traditional Monitoring
  • The Challenge: Geo Dispersed Cloud Applications
  • Possible Solutions
  • Unified Monitoring
  • Example Dashboard
  • SLA Report

Module 6 - Transitioning to the Cloud

  • What to Consider When Transitioning Applications to the Cloud
  • Understanding the Business Needs and Value
  • Understand the Risks
  • The Risk Watch List
  • Example: Testing Risk and Return
  • Example: Risk Mitigation

Target Audience

  • Senior cloud testers seeking to add test automation to their skill set.
  • Managers looking for a better understanding of advanced cloud testing.
  • Software Testers
  • Developers
  • Test Analsyt
  • Test Lead

Registration Process for E-Course and Exam

Premium Package
(E-Course Version)

  • Self Explanatory
  • Valid for 40 days
  • The Package also includes E-Voucher/Access Key for Certification Exam
  • The E-Voucher/Access Key can be used via ProctorU Globally.
  • Hard Copy Certificate will be shipped to your mailing address and a Digital Badge will be sent to your email if you qualify in the exam.
  • Course Duration: 40 Days
  • Price: 300 USD


  • Self Explanatory
  • E-Course is Valid for 20 days
  • This Package doesn't includes E-Voucher for Certification Exam.
  • Candidate has to purchase the E-Voucher separately to take the Certification Exam.
  • Course Duration: 20 Days
  • Price: 140 USD


  • Validity: 240 Days
  • Price: 170 USD
  • Please Read Carefully:

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    2) One Voucher can be used by one person, one time, for one exam discount/fee only.

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